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Welcome to T-Shirts Johannesburg Your No1 T-Shirt Johannesburg. With T-Shirts Johannesburg You Get T-Shirts and other Promotional Items at Johannesburg Prices. T-Shirts Johannesburg a division of China Direct Apparel!

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Minimum Order Quantity 1500 Units In Ratio. We Cannot Sell Less Than 1500 Units! All Prices Listed On Our Website Are Exclusive of 14% VAT Email terri@chinadirect.co.za
IN RATIO OPTION ONE: 2x Small + 4x Medium + 4x Large + 2x XL + 1x XXL
IN RATIO OPTION TWO: 1x Small + 2x Medium + 2x Large + 1x XL
145gsm T-Shirts 160gsm T-Shirts
White R21.75 White R24.20
Colours R23.70 Colours R26.70
AVAILABLE COLOURS: White, Yellow, Royal, Red, Navy, Black AVAILABLE COLOURS: White, Red, Black
180gsm T-Shirts 130gsm T-Shirts
White R28.70 White R17.50
Colours R30.70
145gsm T-Shirts - Red, Royal, Yellow, Lime, Emerald, Sky, Grey, Navy, Black, Purple, Pink R26.00 R27.00
165gsm Combed Cotton T-Shirts Please Email For Price
180gsm Long Sleeved T-Shirts - Yellow, Black, Red, Royal, Orange, Navy R43.00 R43.00
180gsm Golf Shirts - Red, Navy, Sky, Emerald, Lime, Orange, Purple, Pink, Yellow R55.00 R55.00
260gsm Crew Neck Sweat Tops - Red, Royal, Navy, Sky, Bottle R92.00 R92.00
1/4 Zip Polar Fleece - Black, Navy, Orange, Red, Royal, Blue R120.00 R120.00
260gsm Hoodies Full Zip - Red, Royal, Grey, Navy, Orange R129.00 R129.00
Dry Macs - Black, Navy, Sky, Red, Maroon, Bottle R159.00 R159.00
145gsm 100% Cotton - Navy, Yellow, Red, Royal, Blue, Black, White, Khaki, Turquoise, Emerald, Lime, Orange, Purple, Maroon, Grey R29.00 R32.00
180gsm 100% Cotton - Navy, Yellow, Red, Royal, Blue, Black, White, Khaki, Turquoise, Emerald, Lime, Orange, Purple, Maron, Grey R38.00 R41.00
180gsm Long Sleeved T-Shirts R52.50 R56.00
155gsm V-Neck T-Shirts - White, Red, Yellow, Navy, Black, Sky, Khaki, Royal, Lime R37.00 R41.00
160gsm Combed Cotton T-Shirts Email Email
145gsm Polycotton T-Shirts R26.00 R26.00
180gsm Short Sleeved Golf Shirts - Black, Red, Navy, White, Yellow, Sky, Royal, Pink, Purple, Maroon, Emerald, Lime, Turquoise, Orange R59.50 R59.50
180gsm Long Sleeved Golf Shirts - Black, Red, Navy, White R98.00 R98.00
260gsm Crew Neck Sweat Tops - Black, Red, Navy, White R118.00 R118.00
Full Zip Polar Fleece - Navy, Black, Red, Khaki R165.00
1/4 Zip Polar Fleece - Black, Red, Navy, Stone R155.00
260gsm Polycotton Hoodies - White, Black, Yellow, Red, Navy R165.00 R165.00
Dry Macs - Black, Navy, Orange, Red, Royal R179.00 R179.00
5 Panel Cotton R16.75
6 Panel Heavy Brushed R26.49
Bucket Hats Cotton R22.50
Knitted Beanies R21.49
Polar Fleece Beanies R21.49

China Direct Warehouse

China Direct Apparel

When it comes to sourcing and importing goods from China, you need a reliable partner you can trust like China Direct Apparel! At China Direct Apparel we partner with you to help you to source, test and import anything you need from China and at the same time, we end the three main challenges you will face if you do this alone which are: Communication Barriers, Lack of Market Intelligence and Risk.

China Direct Apparel is a South African owned business with offices in South Africa, Hong Kong, China, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Because most factories located around these cities, China Direct is able to guarantee you direct and effective communication with factories and manufacturers in those cities. China Direct Apparel has been in business for more than 15 years and we are well-known for efficiently and cost effectively sourcing goods from China. Our shipping partners are Daigon International they handle all shipping, customs and import requirements.

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T-Shirt Services

T-Shirt Supplier


T-Shirt Supplier is proudly brought to you by China Direct Apparel (A Division of China Direct Sourcing). If you are searching for a T-Shirt Supplier that canSupply T-shirts and High Quality T-Shirts at Low Prices, then look no further. We are the number oneSupplier of Plain T-Shirts and Supplier of Plain Golf Shirts in South Africa. We are very well known in the industry for providing our clients and customers with high quality t-shirts at cost price topped up with great customer service you won’t easily.

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T-Shirt Johannesburg

T-Shirts Johannesburg

We have been in the T-Shirt Johannesburg business for more than 20 years, within that period we have built solid business relationships with many local and foreign T-Shirt Manufacturers as well as T-Shirt Johannesburgrs. This factor together with the fact that we import by the tones allows us to supply you with t-shirts at lower prices you wont easy find anywhere else. In no way have we in the past 20 years sacrificed quality for price. For us when it comes to T-Shirt Johannesburg the name of the game is quality.

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Screen Printing

Screen Printing

When it comes to T-Shirt Screen Printing, there is only one place you should turn to and that is China Direct Apparel (A Division of China direct Sourcing). Here at China Direct Apparel we have in-houseScreen Printers that will provide you with High Quality T-Shirt Screen Printing at low prices.Screen Printing is ideal for Printing on T-Shirts.

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Embroidery offered by China Direct Apparel (A Division of China Direct Sourcing) is a great way of branding T-Shirts or promotional items in general. Embroidery has been around for thousands of years and is a form of decorating clothing. In todays day and age using computer aided stitching machinery we are able to turn designs into stitches within minutes using up to 15 colours in a design.

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